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Direct to Board UV Printing

Using a flatbed printer and UV curable inks enables us to provide print on a viariety of substrates, we've listed 3 of the most popular below but we can print on pretty much any flat surface, from honeycombe board to doors! If you can't see what you want please feel free to call for a chat.

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PVC Foam Board (Foamex)

Avaiilable in 1mm, 2mm, 5mm & 10mm

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Corrext Printing

Correcx is fluted polyproylene board, it's a lightweight way to produce signage - commonly used for event signage and estate agent boards.

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DiBond Printing

Printing directly on to Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) - also know as DiBond. Used for permentant signage and hardwaring boards.