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Quick Pop Ups

This popular mid-range pop-up has self-locating ‘smart’ magnetic locking arms and mag bars and adjustable clip-on graphic hanger fittings.

Available sizes: 

3x1 Curved, 3x1 Straight / 3x2 Curved, 3x2 Straight / 3x3 Curved, 3x3 Straight / 3x4 Curved, 3x4 Straight / 3x5 Curved, 3x5 Straight

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Hop Up Display

A lightweight hop-up system that’s very quick and easy to set up offering a superb back drop to your display. Fabric fits smoothly across the frame work and stays in place once frame has been collapsed.

Available sizes:  3x2 / 3x3 / 3x4 / 3x5

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Mini Pop Up

The Quick Mini Pop-up display system combines strength, reliability and style. It is lightweight and easyto use. It uses “Rare Earth Neo Magnets” to make it simple to erect and take down.

Mini Quick 2x2

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L Shaped Pop-ups

Available sizes:

Quick L Shaped 3x3

Quick L Shaped 3x4

Quick L Shaped 3x5

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Tower Pop Up

The perfect way to create impact with this illuminated pop-up tower, which is also simplicity itself to assemble

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Pop Up Counter

The Pop-up counter is a quick and easy counter to assemble using the pop-up frame mechanism and comes complete with base, frame, two shelves, table top, bag and box. The table top is available in a choice of five colours, white, black, silver, birch and walnut.